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This photograph was the very first UFO I have ever captured on camera. Take note of the large super cell could in the background that is cloaking a Mothership belonging to Enlil.

Here is the enlarged version of that Drone which had followed me that day

In this photo there is a single Drone at an extremely high altitude.

This next photo shows a single Drone flying right in front of the storm right below the cloud level.

This next Drone could possibly be Manned Scout. Being that this one was glowing yellow, I was not sure if it was manned or not.

These next 3 photos are Drones that belong to the Sirian War Gods and these Drones would fly right in front of cars following us everywhere my Tagged friend and I went.

As you can see the light colored on flew right in next to the semi truck trying to keep and eye on us. There are also 3 other Scouts in this photograph.

Now you will see UFO Drones or Scouts which are unmanned and manned UFOs. They are photos that I Puzuzu have taken along with some personal friends. These Drones or Scouts go out and collect all types of data  such as air. water and soil samples along with human flesh samples. The ones I have photographed which belong to the Reptilians and they tend to be round in shape. They tend to fly in erratic patterns going up and down and zig-zagging all over the place. Many of them fly solo but I have photographed them in groups. I will say that there are many UFO Drones that I have photographed that may possibly be manned and I may have mislabeled them. It is hard to be sure. I can only go by what had been instilled in me by Enlil and Enki. I myself have these Drones follow me. They follow me only due to the fact that I have asked for this. They keep track of for my protection as I have an allegiance with Enlil and Enki.

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This is another single Scout that was flying right behind my home.

These next 3 photos are Drones that belong to the Sirian War Gods
who were following a close friend of mine who was tagged. Being
that she was with me, they followed us wherever we went together.

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